Engaging God!

Engaging God!

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Sermon Description:  Your personal vision of God in your life is directly proportional to your availability to His plan for your life.

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Series: Courageous Christianity

Series Description: Courageous Christianity

The Courageous Christianity message series that I am currently presenting at Christ Center every Sunday is nearing the half way point. This Sunday: CC #8 “Purpose Driven Messiah”  kicks off the Christmas Advent season (traditionally celebrated over the 4 Sundays prior to Christmas Day). My overarching hope for this sermon series is that we, the Christ Center church family, would all grow in our courage regarding the “public” practice of our personal Christian faith, because God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but a spirit of power, love and self-disicpline” II Timothy 1:7. This series of messages is particularly relevant this time of year, when Nativity Scenes and other public references to Christianity are being bulldozed off the public square; obviously, the 1st Amendment of our Constitution is being bulldozed as well when it comes to our religious freedoms. Who will go for us and take a stand? Who will practice courageous Christianity despite the temptation to take the unheroic option? We’ve already seen in my previous messages how, the Prophet Isaiah, the Deacon Stephen, and the Church at Philadelphia (7 churches of Revelation), to name just a few, took the heroic road and stood opposed to the forces that would blot out our religious freedoms and Christianity itself. Courageous Christianity is not just a title for a sermon series, it is a way of life! See you Sunday.   

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Series Notes

01/13/13  Courage to Love Like Jesus  The most basic teaching in Christianity is to love God with all that you are and love your neighbor as yourself. Click Here for Sermon Notes

01/06/13  72 Hours of Prayer ~ A Gold Mine!  The point of our recent prayer vigil was to prepare ourselves spiritually to make the most of our missional opportunities in 2013. Click Here for Sermon Notes

12/30/12  New Year’s Emptying ~ What God Wants from Us for 2013  God wants us to draw closer, but are we willing?  Click Here for Sermon Notes

12/23/12  Christmas Emptying   Jesus emptied himself before becoming a man and calls us to empty ourselves.   Click Here for Sermon Notes

12/16/12  The Big Amen!  John’s message in Revelation is energized by two dynamics. A strong experience of Jesus on earth and a strong experience of Jesus in heaven.         Click Here for Sermon Notes

12/09/12  True Spiritual Motivation   Living life at the intersection where our vertical reality meets the horizontal.  Click Here for Sermon Notes

12/02/12  Purpose Driven Messiah!   The Trinity is more than dreamy speculation and the virgin birth is the essential dynamic.  Click Here for Sermon Notes

11/25/12  Engaging God!  Your personal vision of God in your life is directly proportional to your availability to His plan for your life.  Click for Sermon Notes

11/18/12  Living What You Believe  A person that lives what they believe has a fuller life. Click for Sermon Notes

11/11/12 The Blessable Life: The ACTS Pattern It takes Spiritual power and heart cleansing to consecrate ourselves. Click for Sermon Notes

11/04/12 The Blessable Life What makes God smile? In a word ~ our consecration. Consecration means our complete commitment and our total trust. God smiles when we are wholeheartedly His. Click for Sermon Notes

10/28/12 The Open Door (for now) of God We were put on earth to make a contribution. Beyond the Good Life is the God life. Click for Sermon Notes

10/21/12 How God Uses Failure Is failure superior to success? Failure will teach you to pray and is a greater catalyst for spiritual growth. It is better to try and fail than to do nothing. Click for Sermon Notes

10/14/12 From Fear to Faith – Being Good in a World Gone Bad After sin entered the hearts of Adam and Eve a spirit of fear began to dominate. The battle with fear continues to this day, but in Christ we can win over fear. Click for Sermon Notes