Love and Responsibility – Not a Gift

Love and Responsibility – Not a Gift       Gary Bohn

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Sermon Description: Love is a responsibility. Scripture: 1 John 2:3-6 and 2 Corinthians 5:18-20

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Series: Facing the Future with Faith by Moving Forward

Series Description:  Facing the Future with Faith by Moving Forward                    The Daniel Series

I encourage you to take some time and sample my Message series listed as The Daniel Series. Why? Because our God AKA “The Ancient of Days” has an amazing future planned for His people and He wants you to know about it!

I haven’t done a big scientific study on this particular opinion, but I think it is safe to say that those that know the Bible would unanimously agree that The Book of Daniel is one of the most fascinating and mysterious books in Scripture!  It contains some of the most beloved stories, like “the deliverance of Daniel in the Lion’s Den” and some of the most amazingly cryptic ones too. I cite the reference to the ” four beasts and their relationship to The Ancient of Days” in Daniel 7:1-14 . In other words, it is a perfect section of the Bible for a 16 part message series. The original title was”Facing the Future with Faith by Moving Forward” ~ Let’s just call it, for simplicity sake, The Daniel Series. Now, may the Living God of Daniel richly bless your listenings. ~ Pastor Frank


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Series Notes

09/23/12  Postscript to Daniel: Go Your Way to the End Scripture: Revelation 22 – How do we distinguish between what is urgent and what is ultimate?  Click for Sermon Notes

09/16/12  Finality Must Come Sometime  Scripture: Daniel 12:2-13   There will be a general resurrection and then comes judgement and two everlasting destinations.      Click for Sermon Notes

09/09/12  Lord, Our Future is in YOUR Hands!  Scripture: Daniel 11:36 – 12:1 Opposition is real and intensifying with Israel – aka Jacob’s trouble as the target.          Click for Sermon Notes

09/02/12 The Battle Belongs to the Lord!  Scripture: Daniel 10:1 – 11:1   The principle for spiritual warfare is that heavenly battles precede earthly battles.                              Click for Sermon Notes

08/26/12  Prayer IS the Right Tool for the Job!  Scripture: Daniel 9:1-27   Jeremiah’s old prophecy was 70 years and the new prophecy was 70 sets of 7? This is too important not to pray.  Click for Sermon Notes

08/19/12  Beyond the Guessing Game  Scripture: Daniel 8:9-27   Prophecy for Daniel is history for us – but not all of it.  Click for Sermon Notes

08/0512  Authentic Faithfulness  Scripture: Daniel 6:1-6   You are being watched. Authentic faithfulness always does its best.  Click for Sermon Notes

07/22/12 The True Opiate of the Masses  Scripture: Daniel 5:13-31   The chutzpah continues as the head of gold changes to the chest of silver.  Click for Sermon Notes

07/15/12  By All Means to Save Some!  Scripture: Daniel 4:20-34/37   The danger of self-induced implosion: A portrait. This works on a national scale too.                                  Click for Sermon Notes

07/01/12 God’s Track Record  Scripture: Daniel 2:24-47   Daniel has a heart for others. Don’t kill the wisemen!  Click for Sermon Notes

06/24/12  Life is Unfair… or so they Say!  Scripture: Daniel 2:1-23   In our shallow world we are called to look deeper.  Click for Sermon Notes

06/17/12  Faith Comes in Fours ~ Being Good in a World Gone Bad  Scripture: Daniel 1:1-21   Approximately 2617 years ago four teenagers from Judah found themselves forced into service by one of the cruelest dictators in history. They resolved to maintain their faith in the living God of Judah regardless of the consequences.                            Click for Sermon Notes

06/10/12 Preliminary to Daniel: Graduating from the University of Faith!  Scripture: Habakkuk 3:16-19   Babylon, under the Crown Prince Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed the Egyptian and Assyrian armies and were ready to come after Judah.                             Click for Sermon Notes